Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Heart - Part 1

The second official topic that we decided to study is the heart.  Although we aren't done with this unit yet, I wanted to show off what we've already done.  Keep in mind, if there are any worksheets you are interested in, just let me know and I can e-mail them to you!

The American Heart Association has some amazing activities and worksheets that you can do with your kids on their website - it's even organized my topic and age so that you can get exactly what you are looking for.  This is where we got the majority of our worksheets from, like the one pictured above.  Hannah learned what color our blood is, depending on if there is oxygen in it or not, and then colored the blood in the veins and arteries to match.

Next, we did an activity where I set out 5 quart-sized jars filled with "blood" (it was quite light colored blood.. I didn't want to use all of my red food coloring up.. lol).  I then explained to Hannah that the bigger our bodies, the more blood that are in them.  I set 1 of the jars in front of her and asked her which person on the Post-It Notes would have that much blood in them.  It took her awhile to get the hang of it, but here's what she ended up with:

Babies have approx. 1 quart of blood in their bodies.  (Kirsten wasn't too happy to be woken up for this picture.)

Children have around 3 quarts of blood in their bodies...

..and adults have 5 quarts of blood!  (Mark wasn't home to have his picture taken.. as if he would have anyways, lol)

The last thing we did for the day was read a book I printed off called "I'm Healthy, I'm Smart, I Take Care of My Heart" and Hannah got to color it.  More heart activities to come on Monday!


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