Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Postcard Swap has Offically Started!

Our first state, Alabama, sent out their postcards yesterday to kick off the start of our Postcard Swap!  If you are participating in this swap, be on the lookout for the postcards to reach your mailboxes soon!  Also, remember to check your e-mails regularly, in case I sent out an urgent update.

Thanks everyone!

By the way - ALL states have been filled, sorry to anyone that was still interested!


GranolaMom4God said...

I blogged about our swap!

Susan said...

O.k. this is great. i would love to know how you organized this and if you will be doing another one.
Thanks, Susan

Angie said...

we are loving this so far! Thank you so much for orchestrating it!!

Mother of 3 in Middle Tennessee

jennybell said...

We are loving this. Today I started collecting our postcards for KY. I found some 5 for a $1! I bought several different ones instead of all the same one, because I just couldn't decide :-)
They didn't have a ton of "appropriate" ones, since KY is, after all, known for bourbon and horse racing! I'll go back in a couple weeks and see if I can find some more.

McCallProbert said...

r u going 2b doing another swap?

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